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Dr. Lin Carson graduated from the Department of Grain Science with a master's degree and a PhD in 2002. During her term as the Treasurer on the Board of Directors at ASB, Lin lead the launch of the Product Development Competition for the Society. She is passionate about the commercial industry and has mentored many young professionals and women in this industry. In 2003, she invented a baking process for an in-store bake off program, which lead to the creation of a bakery cafe in Denver, CO. After closing the cafe and selling the patent, she ventured on to Wendy’s. In 2007, she started the R&D program and baking lab at Wendy's New Bakery Company in Ohio.

 In 2013, she moved to Portland, OR, to fill the position of Director of Technical Services at Dave's Killer Bread (DKB), where she was in charge of food safety, quality, co-manufacturing and R&D procedures. During this time, Lin found a gap in technical information sharing in this industry. In 2014, Lin left DKB to start BAKERpedia to fill this gap. Today, BAKERpedia is the world’s only on-line technical resource and platform for the commercial baking industry.

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Maryam behrouzi 

founder / ceo, spela cosmetics 

SPELA Cosmetics is a Portland, Oregon based company that is committed to creating high quality, long wearing formulas that are vegan, cruelty free and non-toxic.

We launched in October 2016 with a line of specially formulated Matte Liquid Lipsticks in 8 truly wearable shades that are beautiful on their own, or can be blended to create customized shades that are only limited by your imagination. 


In this day and age, we believe there's no reason that your makeup shouldn't be vegan and cruelty free.  We are committed to creating formulas that are always vegan and cruelty free.


We watch our ingredients so you don't have to.  There are only 11 ingredients that are banned by the U.S. for use in cosmetics, while in Europe they have banned over 1300 ingredients!  We hold ourselves to his higher standard, and make all of our products E.U. Compliant so you can feel confident about what you put on your body. 


Our products are made from start to finish in the U.S.A.  This means we know exactly what is going into our formulas, and we're helping our local economy thrive.  More importantly, we can be confident that everyone involved in making our products has safe working conditions, and is paid well. 


Amanda wilson


VOXA POD™ is a benefit company that has thoughtfully innovated a menstrual cup for active women. We give women the freedom to do what they do. Every. Single. Day. With the profits from our sales in the United States we fuel our social initiative to help girls in developing countries stay in school after they start their period. Anywhere from ten to forty percent of girls in the developing world miss school as a direct result of their period needs not being met. We are the purveyors of period management that fits your lifestyle and changes the world in the process.

Amanda is a globe-trotting adventurer, avid hiker, self-proclaimed anthropologist, humanitarian activist, bodybuilder, founder and inventor of VOXA POD™ In her personal life, she is a humanitarian activist and advocates for marginalized girls around the world. Her passion is in addressing the gender gap that holds girls and women back from the life they deserve and communities from the development they long for. She believes in combatting for the most marginalized of humans by way of sustainability and empowerment and in collaboration with local community.


christa king


Fitlandia® - change that starts with the mind. Unlike other “dieting” programs available, Fitlandia is radically different (and the first of its kind)! We focus on changing from the mind out.

Through our foundation in Mind Zoning®, we provide people with a process to shift their mental patterns, behaviors, and attitudes around food and exercise so they can leave behind old habits and free themselves from dieting for good. 

After a highly successful 23-yr career in corporate hospitality, Christa King made a major career shift becoming a certified nutritional therapist, hypnotherapist, and life coach. In 2015, she self-funded and launched Fitlandia®, an online membership website with a mission to help people make healthy lifestyle changes starting with their mind, through a process she calls Mind Zoning®. When she’s not working on Fitlandia, Christa continues to offer private one-on one sessions for business, health and life coaching.