Nobody took me seriously 

Are you tired of feeling isolated as an entrepreneur?  Are you constantly dealing with people who just don’t get your vision?  Join me at the Woman Led Unconference

Nobody took me seriously when I started by business four years ago. I stood at my tabletop at BakingTech (our industry’s biggest conference), and was ignored by many baking professionals. 

“Oh, she’s just doing this as a part time hustle so she can be with her kids” 

“She’s just a blogger, and will quit when she finds a job"

“Don’t take her seriously, she won’t be around too long”

“Her business isn't even a thing”

Was it hurtful when those words got back around to me? Yes, but not as much as the reason why companies wouldn’t buy advertising from me. The real reason? I was a woman going against the grain in two heavily male dominated industries -  baking and start up tech. You couldn’t stack the cards high enough against me back then. 

I started knocking on Angel and VC doors, and door after door, no one took me seriously. They all thought the best I could be was a blogger, they didn’t agree with my business model,  and most importantly, they didn't get how my business model would scale. Honestly, I didn’t know either. But what I felt back then, is exactly how I feel right now. My heart is in commercial baking, and I knew I could find a way to make my business thrive.

|  I needed a network

I was isolated as an entrepreneur, and no one I met in these male dominated spaces was able to see my vision.  I needed a network that could help provide feedback, resources, and end the isolation. So I created an informal Women only mastermind group.  I reached out to fellow start up women to create a weekly roundtable where we created our own network, and eventually, we formalized as Woman Led Inc.

The BAKERpedia Sales Team at our largest conference of the year. And no one ignored me this year!

The BAKERpedia Sales Team at our largest conference of the year. And no one ignored me this year!

Today BAKERpedia today is the world’s leading information provider for the Commercial Baking industry. Finally, people in the baking industry and start up industry get it.  My passion has also driven our company to double its revenues every year, and we now have a team of 6 employees.  An integral part of my success has been my network created through Woman Led.

|  Woman Led's Unconference is about women helping women

Every year, the weekend of International Women’s Day,women from this group attend the Woman Led Unconference. We do this to reach out to the community, so that we can offer support outside our mastermind groups and create a larger network for women.

 Why should you attend the Unconference?  Because we are women helping women to be the best version of themselves. Buy your tickets today and don’t remain alone any longer in your journey.