Paloma Medina, Founder of 11:11 Supply an incredible new Portland shop focused on modern office supplies and organizational tools designed to boost productivity and happiness in your daily tasks.

Paloma has been a valued member of Woman Led, she specializes in teaching teams and individuals brain friendly methods to reach their goals and aspirations. She has worked with tech companies such as Etsy, nonprofit organizations in health care, as well as individual leaders and CEOs. Paloma started 11:11 because she found that specific objects made her own goal-tracking and happiness so much easier. She wished there was a store that offered beautiful, brain-friendly products for people like her. Hence 11:11 was born. 

11:11 is working to make every person feel capable and empowered to create better days and better lives for themselves. Check out the calendars that motivate you, desk accessories that keep you focused, writing tools that inspire creativity, and more.

Check out 11:11 workshops that begin 6/23

Open in the brand new Dumbbell Building
33 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 
10am - 6pm

Nobody took me seriously 

Are you tired of feeling isolated as an entrepreneur?  Are you constantly dealing with people who just don’t get your vision?  Join me at the Woman Led Unconference

Nobody took me seriously when I started by business four years ago. I stood at my tabletop at BakingTech (our industry’s biggest conference), and was ignored by many baking professionals. 

“Oh, she’s just doing this as a part time hustle so she can be with her kids” 

“She’s just a blogger, and will quit when she finds a job"

“Don’t take her seriously, she won’t be around too long”

“Her business isn't even a thing”

Was it hurtful when those words got back around to me? Yes, but not as much as the reason why companies wouldn’t buy advertising from me. The real reason? I was a woman going against the grain in two heavily male dominated industries -  baking and start up tech. You couldn’t stack the cards high enough against me back then. 

I started knocking on Angel and VC doors, and door after door, no one took me seriously. They all thought the best I could be was a blogger, they didn’t agree with my business model,  and most importantly, they didn't get how my business model would scale. Honestly, I didn’t know either. But what I felt back then, is exactly how I feel right now. My heart is in commercial baking, and I knew I could find a way to make my business thrive.

|  I needed a network

I was isolated as an entrepreneur, and no one I met in these male dominated spaces was able to see my vision.  I needed a network that could help provide feedback, resources, and end the isolation. So I created an informal Women only mastermind group.  I reached out to fellow start up women to create a weekly roundtable where we created our own network, and eventually, we formalized as Woman Led Inc.

The BAKERpedia Sales Team at our largest conference of the year. And no one ignored me this year!

The BAKERpedia Sales Team at our largest conference of the year. And no one ignored me this year!

Today BAKERpedia today is the world’s leading information provider for the Commercial Baking industry. Finally, people in the baking industry and start up industry get it.  My passion has also driven our company to double its revenues every year, and we now have a team of 6 employees.  An integral part of my success has been my network created through Woman Led.

|  Woman Led's Unconference is about women helping women

Every year, the weekend of International Women’s Day,women from this group attend the Woman Led Unconference. We do this to reach out to the community, so that we can offer support outside our mastermind groups and create a larger network for women.

 Why should you attend the Unconference?  Because we are women helping women to be the best version of themselves. Buy your tickets today and don’t remain alone any longer in your journey.

Apply to join a Woman Led Mastermind group!  


Are you a founder of a startup with a big goal?

Do you need support, community, and peer mentoring?

Can you attend a one-hour meeting every week?

If so, apply to join a Woman Led Inc Mastermind group!  

Why join Woman Led? 

We are a group of startup women who believe we have products that will change the world. Founded in 2015, we meet weekly and provide peer mentoring to women startups. We are creating a community of women leaders who are building profitable and sustainable businesses that will positively impact the economy. Our companies span widely from food, health, cosmetics and tech industries. We use the power of community to grow our businesses, and to date we are successful in helping our female founders launch and monetize their ideas. 

We are having an open call for applications to join on November 16, 9am at Mercy Corps Northwest Women's Business Center.


  1. You need to be a woman, trans or non-binary founder or co-founder of a for-profit business in launch or growth stage.
  2.  Prepared to give a 5-minute pitch.
  3. Excited and able to commit to one of our weekly hour-long peer mentoring groups that meet in downtown Portland Or.

How to apply:

Please complete the form below by November 10, 2017. Qualified applicants will be invited to give a 5 minute pitch on November 16th!



Questions? Connect with us at

Marketing and Fundraising Strategy Internship Announcement!

Marketing and Fundraising Strategy Internship

Title:       Marketing and Fundraising Strategy Intern

Status:    3 months - 20 hours Per Week

Salary:    Unpaid Internship

Applications Due: June 26, 2017


Woman Led is a grassroots non-profit  founded in 2016 with the mission to empower a community of women-led companies to build profitable and sustainable businesses that will positively impact the economy. Our organization sprang up organically from a weekly roundtable of women business founders.  Our mission is to provide professional services to women to become the most trusted community that supports women business owners in the United States. We will create a business world where women entrepreneurs have equitable opportunity, support and success.


Community of Entrepreneurs

Woman Led provides weekly meetings focusing on support and community, enabling founders to overcome the practical barriers to executing their plan through advice and learning from each other.


We unlock the growth aspirations of female entrepreneurs through semi-annual un-conferences.

Entrepreneurial Intelligence

Woman Led is focused on providing the practical training required to execute against their plan, enabling entrepreneurs to gain their first customer and scale their business.

Incubation Space

Through a partnership with Ned Space we provide reduced cost coworking space.

Access to Capital

We provide access to Angel Networks, training on techniques to improve cash flow, and practical steps to implement customer funded business models.


The Interim Director will be joining the Woman Led organization at a foundational time in the organization’s existence, and as such will be given the unique opportunity to play an integral part in the creation and growth of the organization.  The focus of the position will be fundraising, creating a plan for the expansion of the Mastermind group format, and helping to establish the Woman Led brand.

Responsibilities Leadership & Management:  

  • Act as the liaison between the Board of Directors and Marketing Team

  • Support a pro-women environment that energizes the Women Led community..

Fundraising & Communications:  

  • Build interpersonal connections with potential funders

  • Act as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Fundraising Team

Planning & New Business:  

  • Assist the Board of Directors in designing and implementing a regional expansion strategy for the Mastermind Group program

  • Serve as an external presence that publishes and communicates our mission and vision.


Woman Led is seeking an Interim Director that will be thoroughly committed to organization’s mission.  The ideal candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • MBA or currently pursuing an MBA, or has another advanced degree
  • Minimum 1 year of non-profit development experience;
  • Proven leadership and relationship management experience;
  • Commitment to an asset-based approach to the advancement of women in leadership
  • Fundraising experience

To apply, please submit the following to by June 26, 2017:

  1. Cover  letter including examples of achievements and commitment to equitable opportunity, support and success of women business founders;

  2. Resume;

  3. Two professional references; and

  4. How you heard about this position.

How to Approach Mobile App Development

How to Approach Mobile App Development

“I think I need a mobile app for my business”. As a mobile developer and entrepreneurI heard this sentence countless times in the last several years.

Doubtless mobile apps are a great way to attract more users to your business, create more traction or even to build your entire business model based on a mobile app.  But before you jump head first into the ordeal of building a mobile app, it is essential to understand what the process of building an app involves.